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Emily Therese and Emma Leigh

Emily Therese and Emma Leigh outside the studio in the park across the street. Shot with a Leica M9 + 50mm .95 Noctilux.

Makeup by Karrie Welch.


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The S2-P: First Look at the Greenhouse (My Opinion)

Wow. I assumed that having the first Leica S2-P would attract some attention… but I did not expect it would attract this much. As such – I am going to put a link to an FAQ page here in front – to answer some of the frequently asked questions.
This website is dedicated to my own personal fine art projects. I am not a professional photographer. I certainly could pursue photography commercially but I think it would lose the magic that has captured my attention this long. I enjoy photography for the art of it – and the fact that my images make some money, is a bonus.
In my own personal work – I do almost exclusively location based shooting. I don’t have (or enjoy) the benefits of having a controlled studio environment. In fact – quite the opposite, as I tend to enjoy shooting in long since abandoned locations.
There are a few factors I take into consideration when picking out primary camera gear for any of my projects. The first is size. I had been shooting mostly professional Canon cameras – as their portability and durability on location could not be matched.
However – their flexibility was a trade off for limited resolution and dynamic range. I moved to digital medium format in 2007, working exclusively with a Mamiya 645AFDII + Leaf Aptus 75s digital back. The size of the MF kit was quite large and bulky to be comfortable in the urbex environment. Not to mention – shooting in very low light levels was NOT its strong suit.
Considering the fact that the Leica S2 houses a sensor 56% larger than the Canon 5dmkii, I find it surprising that the size of the cameras with comparable lenses (180mm on the Leica, 24-70 2.8L on the Canon) was almost identical.

Furthermore, the S2 is fully weather sealed. Leica claims that it actually exceeds the standards set by the Canon 1ds line. In a previous issue of LFI magazine, it was exclaimed that the S series lenses underwent a cycle in the dishwasher – in order to reinforce the idea that this camera is meant for the cleanest – and not so cleanest – conditions.

The camera arrives…

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