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Alison in Boston


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Emily Therese for Sid Vintage in Urban Aces


September 2011 – Urban Aces magazine does a feature on Sid Vintage. Emily Therese and I were brought in to do the photos. I decided shooting in the store would be a great way to capture the venue along with showcasing how much GREAT STUFF they have for sale there.



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The Leica Guy got married!!


Thanks go to LeicaRumors.com for posting coverage of our Leica Ring and grooms cake. Also, thanks go to PetaPixel for their coverage. They gave the story some interesting color.

The twittersphere has been a buzz with LeicaGuy wedding postings. I appreciate the commentary – though, a bunch of you had mistaken facts… but such is life on the internet. At least you spelled my name right. ;-)

Additionally – thanks to Gaelan for letting me use his photos and of course making such an awesome ring.

Lastly… Thank you to Emily Therese – aka The Leica Lady – for being my amazing bride… and the ring.


The Leica Guy (Matthew B. Harrison) and The Leica Lady (Emily Therese) were married in a small ceremony in central Massachusetts on July 31st, 2011. The wedding consisted of a brief ceremony performed by the couple’s close friend and was followed by a lovely Sunday brunch attended by close friends and family. The couple could not have asked for better weather or a better turnout. It truly was a beautiful celebration of their love.

The night before, at the rehearsal dinner, The Leica Guy was presented with his groom’s cake: a replica of a black paint Leica M9 mounted with a f/.95 Noctilux. This amazing cake was baked by Dianne Rockwell, The Cake Lady, for just this special occasion. It was such an amazing cake, that it was truly a shame to have to cut it up and serve it. Though, it was the best tasting Leica, either the bride or groom had ever had.



As is tradition, the bride and groom exchanged gifts prior to the wedding. While Matthew purchased Emily the watch that she had always wanted. Emily commissioned a custom ring for Matthew’s shooting hand (as opposed to for his wedding band). This one of a kind band has the depth of field scale from his favorite lens, the .95 Noctilux. On the sides, the ring features both Matthew’s name and The Leica Guy moniker on one side, and the Lens information including name, filter size, and serial number on the other. It truly is a unique piece of art and jewelry – perfect for the occasion.


After the wedding, the two left for their honeymoon to Praiano, Italy. Each equipped with a Leica M9-P and a variety of lenses – the honeymoon was captured exclusively with Leica brand equipment. While most of the photos are still being edited, a few samples are available in the gallery below. Emily’s M9-P was mostly equipped with an F/1 Noctilux, while Matthew’s was equipped with his .95 Noctilux.


Be sure to check back for more photos and updates from their adventures.


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The Unboxing Video – Leica M9-P

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Adventures in Babysitting… er… Film


I recently purchased a Leica IIIf Red Dial Self Timer camera kit on ebay and it is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Included in the kit was the Leica IIIf Red Dial Self Timer body (serial #770089, ca. 1955) w/grey vulcanite, standard baseplate, takeup spool; Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 50mm f/2 Summicron (serial #921075, approx. 1951) w/front Leica cap; Ernst Leitz Wetzlar IROOA lens hood for Summicron lens; Ernst Leitz Wetzlar ‘Leicavit’ rapid winder w/original box; Ernst Leitz Wetzlar SBLOO 35mm brightline finder; Leica ever-ready case and strap for Leica camera w/Leicavit (bottom screw included but separate from case); Leica IIIf instruction manual; Leica box for LUOOX IIIF (Leica IIIf w/50mm f/2 Summicron) — not original to this camera; Chrome metal chain strap (not sure if Leica or not).

These images were taken with a vintage Leica iiif loaded with 400cn black and white film. The location is an abandoned industrial complex in Easthampton, Massachusetts. I am not sure what it was used for – but it certainly isn’t clear now considering how far abandoned and demolished it is. Makes for a great location for photos though.


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