About Matthew:

Matthew B. Harrison is a 32 year old resident of Springfield, MA.

An arts, entertainment, and media attorney – he focuses on the unique legal needs of artists and talent. When not being a lawyer, Harrison is also a fine art photographer having received his Masters degree in fine art photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California in November 2011.

Harrison graduated cum laude from Western New England College School of Law (Now Western New England University) with a Juris Doctor, and from the University of Massachusetts, cum laude, with a Bachelors of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Harrison’s thesis “Memories of Unsoiled Decay” was published in May 2010. It includes a look at Harrison’s theories about constructing photographs in such a manner as to maximize a viewer’s relationship with the image – despite not having an actual link to the photographer or the contents of that image.

About this Site:

This is an “entertainment service” featuring photographic, video, text, and audio content featuring works created exclusively by Matthew B. Harrison, Esq. using mostly Leica based equipment.

All of the photos are available for sale. No prices are listed because you probably can’t afford to buy them. It doesn’t mean they don’t have value. Using them without permission is illegal and really stupid, considering I am a copyright lawyer… that is when I am not breaking knees.

About hiring me:

I am available for hire. Every customer, and their situation, is unique – and therefore I don’t have price lists. Tell me about what you want – and your budget – and I will see if I can make it work. For smaller jobs – I may not be as motivated by money as I would be by trade. Food. Clothes. Equipment. Locations. Etc. How’s that for “make a deal…”?


matthew [at] matthewharrison.com